Cutting edge technology for the food industry

About us

Unrivalled performance, service and value

Over the past decade Ermatec have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of both Conventional and Ultrasound cutting and slicing equipment for the food industry.

Ermatec is a part of the BFR Group of companies. The group also includes Latinpack, Lassoudry and Eurocri. Based in Meximieux, France, Ermatec is situated between the airports of Lyon and Geneva, alongside a section of the national motorway network,  making it easily accessible by either air, road or rail transportation.

Growing each year since its inception, Ermatec’s primary industries are historically cheese and bakery, but today have expanded to include meat and fish. The customer base is worldwide and ranges from small private business’ to multi-national corporations.

Our commitment to you

  • All quoted prices are valid for 2 months from the date the quotation was issued.
  • A schedule for the project and equipment checkout will be laid down at the acceptance of the order.
  • Wherever possible, at the customer’s request, Ermatec will endeavor to utilize and integrate the customer’s existing equipment into the line supplied.
  • Ermatec provide a 12 month warranty from date of shipment.
  • A Six month warranty applies to the Ultrasound cutting unit.
  • Ermatec will offer maintenance contracts on a case by case basis, or as an annual service contract.
  • Ermatec is committed to respecting it’s clients policies surrounding confidentiality.